Migrate from ViewPager to ViewPager2

Screen slides are transitions between one entire screen to another and are common with UIs like setup wizards or slideshows. This topic shows you how to do screen slides with a ViewPager2 object.

ViewPager2 objects can animate screen slides automatically. Here's an example of a screen slide that transitions from one screen of content to the next:. If you want to jump ahead and see a full working example, view this sample app on GitHub.

To use ViewPager2you need to add some AndroidX dependencies to your project. Create a layout file that you'll later use for the content of a fragment.

You also need to define a string for the contents of the fragment. The following example contains a text view that displays some text:. Create a Fragment class that returns the layout that you just created in the onCreateView method. You can then create instances of this fragment in the parent activity whenever you need a new page to display to the user:. ViewPager2 objects have built-in swipe gestures to transition through pages, and they display screen slide animations by default, so you don't need to create your own animation.

ViewPager2 uses FragmentStateAdapter objects as a supply for new pages to display, so the FragmentStateAdapter will use the fragment class that you created earlier. To begin, create a layout that contains a ViewPager2 object:. To display a different animation from the default screen slide animation, implement the ViewPager2. PageTransformer interface and supply it to the ViewPager2 object.

The interface exposes a single method, transformPage. At each point in the screen's transition, this method is called once for each visible page generally there's only one visible page and for adjacent pages just off the screen. For example, if page three is visible and the user drags towards page four, transformPage is called for pages two, three, and four at each step of the gesture.

In your implementation of transformPageyou can then create custom slide animations by determining which pages need to be transformed based on the position of the page on the screen. Page position is obtained from the position parameter of the transformPage method. The position parameter indicates where a given page is located relative to the center of the screen. This parameter is a dynamic property that changes as the user scrolls through a series of pages.

When a page fills the screen, its position value is 0. When a page is drawn just off the right side of the screen, its position value is 1. If the user scrolls halfway between pages one and two, page one has a position of Based on the position of the pages on the screen, you can create custom slide animations by setting page properties with methods such as setAlphasetTranslationXor setScaleY. When you have an implementation of a PageTransformercall setPageTransformer with your implementation to apply your custom animations.

For example, if you have a PageTransformer named ZoomOutPageTransformeryou can set your custom animations like this:. See the Zoom-out page transformer and Depth page transformer sections for examples and videos of a PageTransformer. This page transformer shrinks and fades pages when scrolling between adjacent pages.

As a page gets closer to the center, it grows back to its normal size and fades in. This page transformer uses the default slide animation for sliding pages to the left, while using a "depth" animation for sliding pages to the right. This depth animation fades the page out, and scales it down linearly. During the depth animation, the default animation a screen slide still takes place, so you must counteract the screen slide with a negative X translation.

For example:. The following example shows how to counteract the default screen slide animation in a working page transformer:. To learn more about ViewPager2see the following additional resources. Content and code samples on this page are subject to the licenses described in the Content License.ViewPager2 is an improved version of the ViewPager library that offers enhanced functionality and addresses common difficulties with using ViewPager.

If your app already uses ViewPagerread this page to learn more about migrating to ViewPager2. If you want to use ViewPager2 in your app and are not currently using ViewPagerread Slide between fragments using ViewPager2 and Create swipe views with tabs using ViewPager2 for more information. The primary reason to migrate is that ViewPager2 is receiving active development support and ViewPager is not. However, ViewPager2 also offers several other specific advantages.

viewpager2 animation

ViewPager2 supports vertical paging in addition to traditional horizontal paging. You can enable vertical paging for a ViewPager2 element by setting its android:orientation attribute:. You can also set this attribute programmatically using the setOrientation method. ViewPager2 supports right-to-left RTL paging. RTL paging is enabled automatically where appropriate based on locale, but you can also manually enable RTL paging for a ViewPager2 element by setting its android:layoutDirection attribute:.

You can also set this attribute programmatically using the setLayoutDirection method. ViewPager2 supports paging through a modifiable collection of fragments, calling notifyDatasetChanged to update the UI when the underlying collection changes. This means that your app can dynamically modify the fragment collection at runtime, and ViewPager2 will correctly display the modified collection. This results in several benefits, but most notably it means that ViewPager2 objects natively take advantage of the dataset change animations from the RecyclerView class.

Follow these steps to update ViewPager objects in your app to ViewPager2 :. When using ViewPageryou had to extend the adapter class that supplied new pages to the object. Depending on the use case, ViewPager used three different abstract classes. ViewPager2 only uses two abstract classes. For each ViewPager object you are converting to a ViewPager2 object, update the adapter class to extend the appropriate abstract class as follows:.

Fragment-based adapter classes inheriting from FragmentPagerAdapter or FragmentStatePagerAdapter always accept a single FragmentManager object as a constructor parameter. When you extend FragmentStateAdapter for a ViewPager2 adapter class, you have the following options for constructor parameters instead:.

View-based adapter classes inheriting directly from RecyclerView. Adapter do not require a constructor parameter.

Your adapter classes also need to override different methods for ViewPager2 than they did for ViewPager :. In summary, to convert a ViewPager adapter class for use with ViewPager2you must make the following changes:.

viewpager2 animation

ViewPager2 introduces changes to TabLayout integration. If you currently use a ViewPager with a TabLayout object to display horizontal tabs for navigation, you need to refactor the TabLayout object for integration with ViewPager2. TabLayout has been decoupled from ViewPager2 and is now available as part of Material components.

This means that in order to use it, you need to add the appropriate dependency to your build. Finally, you must update the code that attaches the TabLayout object to the ViewPager object.

Turning the page: Migrating to ViewPager2 (Android Dev Summit '19)

The TabLayoutMediator object also handles the task of generating page titles for the TabLayout object, which means that the adapter class does not need to override getPageTitle :.

ViewPager2 does not natively support nested scroll views in cases where the scroll view has the same orientation as the ViewPager2 object that contains it.For most animations, I tend to use ValueAnimator. We can animate everything based on the progress between 0f and 1f.

This toolbar animation was done using a custom CoordinatorLayout Behavior. There are many resources on how this can be done. The important part is the onNestedScroll method where we use dyConsumed and dYUnconsumed to shrink and expand the toolbar accordingly.

This is how we set it to the appbar view in the activity:. To perform this animation, we need to calculate the original and expanded height. We can use these extensions from the ktx library to help us. By using that, we can get originalHeight. For expandedHeightwe need to immediately make expandView ViewGroup that contains all the expanded views visible, measure the expandedHeight on the next layout and hide it again.

Read this comment to know more. Once we have the heights and the widths, animating the view is simple. But how do we simultaneously expand one item and collapse another? Look at animation above. We can use recyclerView. At the same time, we can expand the clicked item. The tabs section is a RecyclerView that is in sync with the ViewPager2 below it.

It also has a transformation applied to the active item similar to a ViewPager transformation. There are 2 things to consider:. ViewPager2's onPageScrolled callback has position and positionOffset variables which determine the absolute scroll position of the ViewPager. This allows us to convert absolute values to relative values and use scrollBy.

To transform the current item scale up and fade colorwe need absolute values.ViewPager2 is the replacement of ViewPager and is much better. First of all, you need to migrate to AndroidX because ViewPager2 is not supported in the android. As I mentioned above, the most important point is that ViewPager2 is built on RecyclerView component.

In this way, you can use the RecyclerView. Adapter with VP2 in your Adapter class. RecyclerView is so robust and brings a lot of advantages and it also has modifiable fragment collections and more. These changes below are the reason to choose ViewPager2 over ViewPager. So it not possible create CustomViewPager class. ViewPager2 is basically extended from ViewGroup. I was curious and began to compare ViewPager2 and ViewPager source code and realized that ViewPager is almost lines of code whereas ViewPager2 currently has almost lines so ViewPager2 has less magic because they are based on recyclerView and so ViewPager2 implicitly uses RecyclerView which means there is no big difference with the RecyclerView.

In the Constructor method in VP2, there is a method called initialize. Google developers slightly modified RecyclerView to take advantage of accessibility, scroll control and also initialized LinearLayoutManager, via modified LinearLayoutManager to adjust accessibility when user scrolling is disabled.

After all, the LayoutManager object should be set to RecyclerView. ViewPager2 has vertical and horizontal support, horizontal is set as a default. Now we have ViewPager2 in the project. Define the layout file:. Just to show a simple sample I have opted to create a dummy list and set items in the adapter.

ViewHolder is below:. I have demonstrated a simple ViewHolder which just shows a name category in the list item but you can add more elements depending on your needs. Set Adapter to viewPager2. Final Step to Seeing the Result. In addition so that, ViewPager2 brings easy to use the new feature which adjusts the orientation by yourself in code. If you need to use Vertical Orientation in ViewPager2, just enough to set the orientation to Vertical.

So far, The feeling is the same as when we implement the RecyclerView as per this sample. But, Viewpager has addOnPageChangeListener callback interface thus we had to override all methods even though we need just one in all. To use OnPageChangeCallback, firstly you need to register it. When you register ViewPager2PageChangeCallback, you can get the position whenever a new page is selected. We can use one of 2 methods to set the current item.

Enrich View the Page with animation by using PageTransformer. You can easily create custom animations with PageTransformer as you are seeing here. Also, We can adorn the animation by applying translation the x and y-axes of the page. In that way, you provide a simple transformer in pages or create the desired custom animation. Please keep in mind; marginPx cannot be a negative value, otherwise, you will get a crash. CompositePageTransformer as the name indicates itselfif you have several page transformers, CompositePageTransformer allows combining of all transformers.

Result is here. Besides, I would like to extend the use case with a useful example that I have in mind with using new additional features inside VP2.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

I'd like to disable all the animations for the transitions in my custom ViewPager. This view pager contains four tabs -and each tab loads a Fragment - and what the view pager does is to switch the tabs: for example first tab is the index, second is map, etc. The problem is that if, being the first tab chosen, I click on the fourth tab, I can see how the ViewPager goes through the second and third tab and stops on the fourth, and I don't want that to happen.

I tried to disable all the animations for this ViewPager trying to use a setAnimation to null every time the user chooses a new tab to be displayed, but it still doesn't work. I finally found out: the issue can be solved by just calling the mViewPager. After this, the scroll will be done without any smoothing and thus the animations won't be seen. By setting smoothScroll to falseyou're disabling the scroll animation. I was searching for disabling the swipe animation even swipe by the user here is my implementation.

In the tabselected listener, just set the second argument of the setCurrentItem to false to disable the smooth scrolling. Learn more. Disabling animation in ViewPager Ask Question. Asked 7 years, 8 months ago. Active 1 year, 1 month ago. Viewed 33k times. Any idea to achieve this, please? Thanks a lot in advance! You mean you want to remove the swipe gestures capability too, I understand. If so, try to create a new project for 4.

Active Oldest Votes. JayVDiyk Example. Anyone doing this might also be interested in this as well: stackoverflow. Thanks for clarification I used it with true; thinking that smoothness will remove the hanging. I misused it Toni Toni 2 2 gold badges 8 8 silver badges 14 14 bronze badges. Why do we want to subclass ViewPager when it already provides this overload? In viewpager2, the viewpager class is final hence it cannot be overrriden. Dan Dan 5 5 silver badges 7 7 bronze badges.

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viewpager2 animation

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viewpager2 animation

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